Rotary In A Box

The amazing lush sound of the VENTILATOR II in a compact and easy to use pedal format. Enhance your organ, keyboard or guitar with the depth and richness of classic Rotary Speaker emulation. Mini VENT II has the same DSP power as its big brother VENTILATOR II. Its powerful and flexible emulation algorithms provide the dynamic responsiveness of rotary cabinet classics as well as exciting variations - discover the infinite sonic possibilities. It’s ready to play providing everything most players need and its compact rugged enclosure is ideal for compact pedal boards.


One For All

Are you searching for that silky sweet, smokey hot or gritty grinding rotary sound you know from classic records? Then the mini VENT II is for you! Whether you play organ or guitar, mini VENT II is responsive and can be tweaked exactly to the sound you desire. Discover how versatile, dynamic, and vibrant your instrument can sound with the detailed emulation of a Leslie 122 rotary cabinet. Connected directly into your guitar amp, PA, or during recording, the flexibility of two different cabinet modes ensures the perfect adjustment and sonics tailored to your performance. Many of the world's pros rely on the mini VENT II and for good reason.

Enchanting Sound

Slowly the rotors begin to turn and open up a spacy sound spectrum in real 3D. This magical moment when sound is getting in motion will put a smile on your face. Thanks to the meticulous emulation of a Leslie 122 Rotary Speaker, accurately representing a three microphone (2x treble, 1x bass) placement, mini VENT II captures every detail you need. This is ensured by the same DSP performance, enormous headroom and the impeccable sound quality renowned the world over by its big brother VENTILATOR II.

Tube Drive

A rotary emulation would not be complete without the smokey hot magic of a tube saturated power amp. Our sophisticated tube amp model delivers a vivid and dynamic sound that can be controlled musically with your Organ´s Volume Pedal or Volume Knob on your Guitar. Discover the extra excitement of how DRIVE can thicken your sound from light to super juicy. Perfect for vibrant lines and themes.

Best In Class

Mini VENT II is the result of many years of experience and our quest for perfect sound. We've taken a close look at every detail and optimized it for the best possible results. We chose a super powerful DSP to deliver unparalleled depth and dimension in a single effect and we only use the highest quality components without compromise to ensure 100% clean and authentic sound.

Flexible Yet Easy To Handle

Various editable parameters allow customizing the sound of your mini VENT II. These include Rotor Speed, Rotor Balance, Drive, Microphone Distance and Cabinet Mode. Two user presets can be stored to memory and recalled via the A-B switch. Integrate mini VENT II directly into any setup via its mono input and stereo outputs. The rugged footswitches are perfect for use on the road. Its compact footprint is ideal for pedal board rigs.

What Experts Say

'There are some decent rotary speaker plug-ins, and good hardware units too, but I haven’t heard anything that sounds this good. Team these pedals with a really good tone-wheel organ emulation and you get very close to enjoying all the benefits of the real thing without any of the inconvenience. '

'It’s an incredibly convincing and authentic simulation. The simulation of speaker acceleration and deceleration when you switch from slow settings to fast is excellent. It’s also exceedingly responsive to dynamics, whether it comes from your picking technique or a fuzz placed before the Mini Vent. Another testament to the richness of the Mini Vent is how it can make a cheap amp sound, well, expensive.'

Key Features

  • For organ, keys, guitar and bass
  • Authentic Rotary Speaker Emulation
  • Extended parameter set (Speed, Balance, Drive, Distance, Cabinet Mode)
  • Switch Mode routine for customizing footswitch functions
  • Compact and rugged enclosure
  • Silent foot switches for Bypass, Slow/Fast with LED Indicators
  • Stop Function for the rotors
  • Mono input, Stereo output with Input Gain select (Hi / Lo)
  • Bypass Status memorized on power off
  • Includes 12 volt universal power supply with 4 adaptors to use anywhere in the world


  • Signal processing: 32 Bit SHARC DSP
  • Analog Digital Conversion: 48khz, 24 Bit
  • Digital Analog Conversion: 48khz, 24 Bit
  • Noise Level: -80 dBA
  • Input Sensivity: -10 dBV (Hi), 0 dBV (Lo)
  • Input Impedance: 1MOhm
  • Output Level: +6 dBV
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 KOhms or more
  • Weight: 1,1kg / 2lbs 6oz (without Power Supply)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 100x 105x 55mm
  • Mains Voltage: -240V, 47Hz-63Hz
  • Current Draw: 200mA
  • Connectors: Input Mono, Output L, Output R, DC In