Give it a spin

It’s in that moment when you start playing. You hear the speaker start to rotate and you sense the moving air. With a little growl it becomes magic from that first moment. This is what rotary speaker is about and with VENTILATOR II, you enter a sonic world of absolute perfection - handy, light and absolutely reliable. The best rotary speaker sound you could wish for, now it’s yours!


Analog tradition in digital form

For purists, only the original has been considered, because the forefather of all rotary speakers is the measure of all things. With VENTILATOR II you now have the very best alternative to the real thing, emulating every nuance of the originals in the most minute detail. All the character and the stellar sound of the real thing in a handy format.

It's all about sound

You feel every nuance of your sound as VENTILATOR II offers enormous sonic depth emulating the sound of a Leslie 122 Rotary Speaker – picked up with 3 mics. Its 3D sound lets you immerse yourself in the loudspeaker experience, as you perceive every rotation, with a sense of spatial location and moving air just like having a Leslie in the room – no matter if you use it with organ or your guitar. Where other effects only pan the signal between left and right, VENTILATOR II ‘s exact emulation of mechanical movement provides a unique psychoacoustic experience. That's why VENTILATOR II not only sounds great in stereo, but also in mono.

Uncompromising in every aspect

To emulate the original, capturing its character with all its strengths and unique sound-forming "weaknesses" in detail, no compromise was made in the comprehensive design of the analog section. VENTILATOR II provides extensive headroom with unadulterated dynamics - of course, with the lowest background noise. The high-performance 32 Bit Sharc DSP focuses all its resources on just a single effect, ensuring unparalleled digital perfection with low latency.

Control on every detail

VENTILATOR II offers a wide range of adjustment options for reproducing the behaviour of the original down to the last detail. Whether on stage or in a recording studio, with the controls and footswitches, you can dial in your favorite sound in no time. In addition to rotary speed, you have easy access to many other parameters such as microphone distance, acceleration and deceleration, drive, and more.

(Click on a control element to show its function)

Rotary and beyond

While VENTILATOR II is the best solution for the perfect rotary sound it can do much more. You'll love its slow chorus and flanger-like effects for your guitar, organ or synthesizer, and its intense tremolo-like textures take you on a journey back in time.

What Experts Say

'The rotary simulation is still king of the hill in my opinion …With a bit of room reverb you can certainly fool listeners into believing a Leslie 122 in a room. The overdrive is fantastic and the sense of three-dimensional realism is unparalleled. Incredibly authentic rotary speaker emulation. Lots of control over the sound. Built like a tank. Stereo inputs make use with modern clonewheel organs easy.'

'There are some decent rotary speaker plug-ins, and good hardware units too, but I haven’t heard anything that sounds this good. Guitar and synth players will probably appreciate the adjustability of the Ventilator II, but I suspect many organ players will be happy to have a no-fuss Leslie 122 emulation …Team these pedals with a really good tone-wheel organ emulation and you get very close to enjoying all the benefits of the real thing without any of the inconvenience. To my ears the model captures the essential essence of a living, breathing miked Leslie — you can almost hear the bearing srumbling and the woodwork resonating!'

Key Features

  • Complex modeling algorithms, precise replication of Leslie 122 rotary effects
  • Simple, analog operation
  • Independent simulation of bass and treble rotors with adjustable rotation speed and acceleration
  • Exact reproduction of mechanical properties
  • Authentic Leslie 122 speaker frequency response (can be switched off for playback via guitar amp)
  • Wide & detailed parameter controls (Speed, Balance, Drive, Distance, Mode)
  • 800Hz Crossover just like the original
  • Drive section simulates distortion / final stage saturation of the Leslie tube amp
  • Variable microphone distance
  • Silent foot switches for True Bypass Relay, Slow/Fast &Stop
  • Connection for Remote Foot Switch / Halfmoon Switch / Expression Pedal
  • Sturdy steel housing, recessed knobs


  • Signal processing: 32 Bit SHARC DSP
  • Analog Digital Conversion: 48khz, 24 Bit
  • Digital Analog Conversion: 48khz, 24 Bit
  • Noise Level: -80 dBA
  • InputSensitivity: -10 dBV (Hi), 0 dBV (Lo)
  • Input Impedance: 1MOhm
  • Output Level: +6 dBV
  • Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 KOhms or more
  • Weight: 1.1kg / 2 lbs 7 oz (without Power Supply)
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 160 x 143 x 55mm
  • Mains Voltage: 100-240V, 47Hz-63Hz
  • Current Draw : < 300mA
  • Connectors: Input L, Input R / Mono, Output L, Output R / Mono, Remote Input
  • Options: Ventilator Remote (II), Halfmoon Switch CU-1, Expression pedal FC7